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Daydreams of Quilts

Shorebird Sailors Large Cosmetics Bag, Toiletry Bag, Project Bag

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Shorebird sailors make this nautical themed zipper pouch extra fun! The anchor zipper pull ads to the fun theme of the bag.

This versatile zipper pouch can be used to store many things such as cosmetics, craft supplies, hair accessories and more!

This cosmetics bag features shorebird sailors on quilt cotton.

The bag closes with a gold coloured nylon zipper on blue and white striped zipper tape with matching anchor zipper pull and cork zipper tabs.

Lined with a tan grid print which has been interfaced with cotton woven interfacing. There is a layer of quilt batting between the lining and outer bag.

There are four 5” wide slip pockets plus four skinny pockets on either side of the side seams. The shorebirds are on the pockets as well.

The pockets are open at the bottom so they can pull away from the lining to hold a variety of sized items in place in the bag.

Has a faux leather bag tag attached with rivets that says “Handmade Limited Edition.”

Size measurements:
4” deep (front to back), 9.5” wide at base, 8.5” tall, 13” wide at top

Made with the Open Wide Pouch tutorial by Noodlehead.