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Daydreams of Quilts

Wizard Fan Wire Framed Knitting Bag

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$120.00 CAD

Custom printed cotton and vinyl  make up this wire framed project bag. A great gift for a knitter or crocheter who is also a wizard fan.

The bag has a black rainbow zipper closure and an aqua seatbelt webbing handle. Knitters can slip the handle over their wrist for knitting on the go.

The zipper is a beautiful rainbow nylon coil zipper on black zipper tape with an iridescent skull skeleton key zipper pull.

The bag measures 11.5” wide, 6” deep (gusset at the bottom) and 15” tall.

The lining is a pale grey on the Hogwarts bag and a white with tiny botanical print on the Hufflepuff bag. There is a double slip pocket on one side of the lining and a large slip pocket on the other side made with darker grey fabric.

The bag is interfaced with fusible fusible woven interfacing.

The base of the bag is custom vinyl in watercolour style.

There is a channel below the zipper that holds the wire bag frame to keep the bag wide open when unzipped.

Made with the Retreat Bag pattern.